We have been busy!!

If you haven't noticed yet we released our 3rd album this past November. Its called Walking in the Dark. It is a compilation of songs we have been working on over the past 2 years. The name of the album comes from a song Amber wrote for her mother that passed. Walking in the dark has gotten rave reviews and is being added to radio stations across Canada! Check out the new album here.

Guess what! We have a full team here now at Sweet Alibi headquarters! We have gained a management intern from our dear supporters: Manitoba Music! Nova is an amazing add to our team. She is helping us in so many ways we are so thankful! 

We have also signed with Comino Productions! Allan Wells and his team will be helping us with our new record in developing a stronger network and get our butts outside of Canada for some kick ass touring! 

As you can see we have had some major changes over the past few months but we intend on keeping you up to date on everything!

hope your winters are warm and your hearts are full of song!